About Sicilian Wines

Sicily is one of the five places in the world were the grapes mature just perfect because geographically is situated in middle of the Mediterranean Sea and where the “sun belt” is strong and dazzling!

Sicily produces 5,676 hectoliters of wine a year.

3% of the world production.

More than half is produced in the Province of Trapani

  • The vineyards are cultivated in smooth hills and the high temperature range gives the wine the rich bouquet;
  • The strong sun raises the sugar in the grapes that then turn into alcohol, making the wine strong;

  • The rich volcanic soil, transfers to the grapes all its minerals, making the wine rich in taste and body;
  • The wind that always blows prevent the grapes from moulding, therefore the use of pesticides is very limited: healthy grapes make healthy wine;
  • Because the grapes are healthy, the use of sulphites is very limited.  Sulphites are responsible for headaches, our wine do not give headaches since there is very little sulphites;
  • Due to the perfect climate the vineyards requires very little pesticides, making the Sicilian grapes 90% organic.  Also the use of fertilizers is very limited, you can see from the cluster, the grapes are not close together, but a little apart.