Ciao Sicily Wines

Ciao Sicily Wines hold over three thousand years of tradition and experience handed down from father to son to give you the best wines from the island of Sicily.

With this wine we wanted to link the beauty of our territory, its history and the greatness of our products. For this reason we asked a famous artist, Professor Franca Fontana, to do for us two watercolor paintings that would be able to transmit all of it in the label.

We hope that it will help you understand the reason why Italians are so proud of their heritage.


Grillo - Exquisite and crisp white

D.O.C. Controlled Designation of Origin

And  “Produced and bottled in Sicily” seal

It is aged in steel barrels with a light passage in barrique. Fresh with typical notes of the territory found at the nose and palate. Its slightly bitter finish is a
unique characteristic that makes it perfect with fish, shellfish and soft cheese. Grillo is also excellent without food.             
Alc. 12,5% by vol.                     The label: View of the port of Levanzo and the stacks of Favignana (the Aegadian Islands in Sicily).  Favignana is the home town of Nonna Angelina where she had a Trattoria last century.


Nero d’Avola – Elegant, full body red.

D.O.C.-Controlled Designation of Origin

And “Produced and bottled in Sicily” seal

Aged in oak barrels for six months, scented with vanilla and blackberries. It is warm and strong with hints of ripe red fruits and spices. Great with red sauce pasta, roasted meats and aged cheese.            Alc. 13% by vol.     The Label: view of the Greek Temple of Segesta, Sicily

A gift to our best customers!

Watercolor print of a view of Levanzo and Favignana- The Aegadian Islands Sicily

The Aegadian Islands are a group of four islands in the Mediterranean Sea off the northwest coast of Sicily, near the city of Trapani. The largest island is Favignana (on the left), an island that is every bit as good as the Caribbeans. Its butterfly shape is divided in half by Mount Caterina. The sea water is unbelievable clean and transparent, with a distinguish blue-turquoise color. The must-see sites on the island are: the turquoise watered Cala Azzurra, the sandy bottom bay of Cala Rossa where the boats look like are floating in the air, Scalo Cavallo next to the limestone extraction caves and the 1800’
Florio’s fish factory, now a museum.

On Levanzo Island (on the right) the Genovese Cave is found, with its Paleolithic and Neolithic graffiti painting.

A gift to our best customers!

Watercolor Print of a view of the Temple of Segesta Sicily 

Built in the 5th Century b.C. on the top of a hill out of the city walls, the Segesta temple is one of the most perfectly-preserved ancient monuments in Europe. An elegant Doric building in which proportions find a really rare balance : 36 majestic columns built in golden limestone are still completely undamaged. The temple was probably never finished; anyway, some experts think it might have been left without a roof on purpose, since the inhabitants of the nearby city were not Greeks and used to practice their religious rites in the open air.

The Temple of Segesta has great significance to Sicilian nationalistic groups