Nero D'Avola & Perricone


IGT Sicily
50% Nero d’Avola – 50% Perricone
Serving Temperature: 60 - 65°F
Alc. 13% by volume
Production Area: Marsala District


 The Nero d’Avola is recommended
by Italian doctors to patients with heath disorders.

OPERETTA WINE is the unique blend of two milestones of Sicilian Grapes:

NERO D'AVOLA – makes one of the greatest Italian red wines. Its high sugar content enables the wine to reach up to 15% alcohol. It has a balanced structure and strong character.

PERRICONE – This grape is less known, but has been recently rediscovered for it’s health benefits. It makes a wine high in alcohol with a full body, slightly bitter and with little  tannins.

This grape has a very limited production. 

Brilliant ruby red color with hints of violet around the rim. The bouquet is scented with intense aromas typical of ripe red fruits. Warm tannin, round to the palate with clean traces of blackberries, currant and morello. 

This wine reaches its best if opened 30 minutes before serving. 

Operetta Wine pairs well with pasta dishes, red grilled meat, braised beef poultry, long seasoned cheeses and olives.

"Three cups of wine I prepare for moderate men: 
one for health, which they will empty first; 
the second for love and pleasure, 
the third for sleep. 
The fourth cup no longer belongs to us but to violence

Eubulus – Greek statesman (350 BC)