Serving Temperature: 50 - 55°F or  60 – 65°F 
Alc. 11,50% by volume 
Production Area: Marsala District

Trapani is a city and commune on the west coast of Sicily. It is the capital of the Province of Trapani.
Castellamare is a town in the Province of Trapani.

It’s full taste and intense bouquet makes this unique wine a perfect accompany with poached vegetables, poultry, grilled meats. Also great chilled with pizza or hamburgers.

Produced from the fruit of some of the best vineyard sites on the island of Sicily. The climate is typical Mediterranean – hot and dry, with moderate temperatures year round. A strong summer sun is balanced by heavy rainfall in the winter months. The island is well ventilated by both cool Mediterranean Sea breezes and hot African sirocco winds. Volcanic soil from Mt.Etna is rich in minerals with a sandy consistency. Altitudes range from 50-250 meters above sea level.
A manual harvest took place in mid-September. Upon arrival at the cellar, the grapes were pressed with cold skin contact for 12 hours in stainless steel tanks at 10° C. Fermentation followed over a period of 12 days at 16°C with periodic aerations. Aged for 6 months in stainless steel, the wine was then filtered, fined and bottled and cellared for an additional month.

"Three cups of wine I prepare for moderate men:
one for health, which they will empty first;
the second for love and pleasure,
the third for sleep.
The fourth cup no longer belongs to us but to violence…"

Eubulus – Greek statesman (350 BC)