Villa Moresca ZIBIBBO

IGT Sicily – Dessert Wine
– Alc. 16% by vol.
Production Area - 
Marsala District
Colour -  Light Gold.
Bouquet - Rich and expressive, the orange and
the tangerine can be found with dried grapes.
Taste -  Soft and strong, sweet, warm and viscous.
Serving Suggestions - Excellent dessert wine, perfect with biscuits, fruits, ice-creams, cassata and cheese cake.
Serving temperature - 50/55°F as aperitif; 50/65°F as dessert.


Villa Moresca ZIBIBBO


Awards: Villa Moresca has won more than 16 gold medals in international wine shows between 2000 and 2009


The Zibibbo is a grape that was brought to Sicily by the Arabs in the year 850  during their domination. The Arabs did not make wine, but Sicilians did, and when they made it from the Zibibbo grapes, they discovered this naturally  sweet wine that relaxes and predisposes to pleasure and love.

The Zibibbo got the reputation of seduction wine from Casanova during his visit in Naples. One of his Sicilian friends brought him a bottle of Zibibbo as a gift, and after he tasted it he declared: With this wine I will seduce women

"Three cups of wine I prepare for moderate men:
one for health, which they will empty first;
the second for love and pleasure,
the third for sleep.
The fourth cup no longer belongs to us but to violence…"

Eubulus – Greek statesman (350 BC)