Nonna Angelina’s

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

Nonna Angelina’s EVOO is produced by using only sound, perfect olives picked by hand from the olive trees, and squeezed immediately after the crop, within 12 hours. The crushing plant used for squeezing the olives is modern and efficient which grants for obtaining a very good EVOO.  The olives are not ripe (black) but green, red, violet.  When you squeeze the olives under the above, right way you obtain an oil which has a scent and flavour that is unique.  As a result, we can say that the Extra Virgin Olive Oil “NONNA ANGELINA” is the best, with a high content of poly-phenols, important anti-oxidants that are at the basis of a Healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These compounds can be easily recognized, by eating the oil, if the oil is strong and fresh, it becomes an Elixir of a Long Healthy Life, because the antioxidant stop the free radicals.  Therefore the constant use of good quality EVOO helps prevents aging and cancer.  This is Ancel Keys theory.   The bitter sensation is absolutely a positive attribute, it is not fully understood by the consumer because it is present in few produce such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Green Tea.

Nonna Angelina’s EVOO can be purchased in the finest groceries and Healthy Food Stores.