The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet is based on seasonal ingredients, therefore every meal is a long awaited experience that brings us back in time where the expectation of this fulfilling moment is just as great as the meal itself.
It is not only a pleasure to the palate, it's also a gratification of the mind
and the soul.
The meal is treasured because anyone knows that he would have to wait a year before being able to taste the same dish again.
The meal is not taken for granted, it is special and unique: never a
"routine" that kills the passion and appreciation.
Since it is one time only dish, one would demand the best ingredients, the best preparation and when finally has the meal in front, the eating - consuming - will become a ritual to share with the loved ones, family, friends in an environment that will make this moment special and its memory last for a long time.
The search for the best ingredients is itself a stimulating endeavour.
The excitement starts in acquiring the most genuine, tasty, healthy ingredients and then choose a recipe (better if it's grand mom's - nonna's) that will exalt the taste. At this point one cannot settle for second best - one only desires ingredients grown and processed with quality and taste in mind. Every step of the process has to be known and approved because this is a special and unique meal and will not be repeated for a long time...
We will help make it the BEST!!!
Last November The Mediterranean Diet has been recognized by UNESCO
as Immaterial Human Heritage

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