Nonna Angelina is a brand name of C.I.A.O. (Commercial Italian American Organization).

CIAO was created by Josephine Asaro in 1999 and has been active in promoting the Sicilian culture, territory and products. It now ownes the brand names of

  • Nonna Angelina
  • Operetta Wine
  • The Italian Heritage
  • CIAO Sicily Wine
  • Conte Durzi Wine
  • Royal Cooling Events


Josephine is an Italian American born in Sicily, 3 miles away from the Temple of Segesta. She emigrated to New York at the age of 11 and lived in Ridgewood, Queens until she turned 23 when she met her husband, Stefano, while on vacation in Trapani.

They got married and have been living in Erice for the past 35 wonderful years, she has a son, Erick. He is a filmmaker and travels the world.

She always felt like she was a child of two countries, because in fact she was. So 13 years ago she decided to take the best of the two worlds and connect them.

Since then her quest has become to promote Sicilian wine and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) in the East Cost.

During her travels, she realized that the Italian American community had, and still has, a great desire to learn more about their ancestors.  That lead to the creation of www.theitalianheritage.it.  The mission of the website is to help Italian descents of the world find their roots.

With her research she found that the majority of the emigrants of the Province of Trapani area went to Detroit, and among the community she found her own second cousin that lives in Washington Twp, Carlo and his wife Lisa.

For the past five years, she has been coming and going from the Detroit area.

Now she is establishing a great business by sharing her knowledge and passion on Sicilian wine, EVOO, culture and tradition.