From the farmers’ world, the tradition of the

“Carennuli di Natale”

In the old days, the farmers did not have internet, nor the weather service from which to obtain information concerning the weather.

They used a natural method to predict the climate:

“Carennuli di Natale”

Starting from Dec. 13 the farmers observed the weather and to each day corresponded a month (Dec. 13 – January / Dec. 14 – February etc.).

I would like to verify if the prediction is correct…. Would you do it with me?

Weather in Trapani – Sicily 2012

Cold            Dec. 13   -   January

Mild             Dec. 14   -   February

Mild             Dec. 15   -   March

Mild             Dec. 16   -   April

Mild             Dec. 17   -   May

Windy-Mild   Dec. 18   -   June

Windy-Mild   Dec. 19   -   July

Warm           Dec. 20   -  August

Windy-Mild   Dec. 21   -   September

Mild             Dec. 22   -   October

Warm           Dec. 23   -   November

Warm            Dec. 24   -   December

Dec.13 is St. Lucy’s Day and is also the shortest day of the year.

From St. Lucy’s Day to Christmas the day will lengthen slowly, and from Christmas to New Year will lengthen more. We do have a saying for it:

“Di Santa Lucia a Natali, quanto un passo di cani e

di Natali a l’annu novu, quanto un passo d’omu.”

From St. Lucy’s Day to Christmas, the day will lengthen like a dog’s step, from Christmas to New Year like a man’s step”