Team Cooking Classes

Italian American Cultural Society

Clients Comments Nov. 8 & Dic. 2, 2010

  • Very interesting, educational and fun  -   Ginny G.
  • The demonstration was very informative and enjoyable   -   Deborah F.
  • Very informative – a delightful evening!!! It makes me want to revisit Italy with the wonderful food and wines. -   Marie K.
  • Great job   -   Carol Z.
  • Very interesting & informative. You made me want to go to Sicily! -   Christine D.
  • Very worthwhile. Excellent food and wines. I am more appreciative of Sicily   -   Josephine J
  • Very informative. Enjoyed the selection of food and wine.  -   Susan T.

Margareth Vesprini Cooking Class

Clients Comments – Nov. 23, 2010

  • Loved the Class! Suggestion: Add tablecloths to tables. -   Lynda V.
  • Very nice presentation. Good Education on culture and history along with food. -   Ann C.
  • I learned so much about 100% Virgin Olive Oil versus others that just say virgin olive oil. I learned many healthy benefits of Olive Oil and wine. Very interesting and entertaining presentation.   -   Phyllis B.

Silvia Calzoni Cooking Class

Clients Comments Dec. 3, 2010

  • Very interesting format. Informative, delicious and helps you appreciate just how fine the fines things in life must be! -   Albertina S.
  • Finalmente ho trovato un olio vergine, in America!! (Finally I found an extra virgin olive oil in America!!)  -   Carolina C.

Stephanie Knowles Cooking Class

Clients Comments Aug. 6, 2010

  • Loved learning about the quality of the EVOO   -   Cori S.
  • Fantastic Food! Awesome wine - love the Zibibbo yum   -   Anna U.
  • Love the wine!   -   Amy L.
  • Do pasta demonstration at all your show – bread is good but the pasta was great.  -   Eva B.
  • Learning to taste olive oil was interesting. The flavour change with eating food, was something I did not expect. The dessert wine interested my wife. The pasta dish was very good.  -   Ray H.
  • I was really enjoining it. Thank you very much. Everything was great, specially pasta. -   Alicja D.
  • Thank you for invitation, it was a very interesting “party” for me, I did learn a lot and enjoy a presentation. Food was delicious, wine taste perfect, and a desert was a nice surprise. -   Yadwiga D.