Lisa Bica Grodsky Cooking Parties

Nov. 19 & 29, 2010

Clients Comments   11-19-2010

  • Eye opener about olive oil. Had a great time.   -   Syeda M.
  • Great Presentation - very informative - delicious products.  -   Scott G.
  • Delicious! Informative! Fun! Thank you!!  -   Monica M
  • Very informative. Loved the Villa Moresca. Presentation was very personable.  -   Doug S.

Clients Comments   11-29-2010

  • Excellent presentation. Very informative. Interesting – new information. Inspire me to eat and drink better.  -   Kathleen K.
  • Very informative – learned the Standard for the olive oil (100% extra virgin – product of Italy)   .-   Gina B
  • Very interesting – Learned so much about the health benefits.  -   Amy L.
  • Learned about olive oil and canola oil. Don’t care much for wine. -   Sue S.
  • Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful products with us! The olive oil was exceptional – peppery, slight bitterness on the side, beautiful perfume. The wine is very drinkable – not heavy tannins, flavours enhanced by the food. Nice body-dry, nice fruit. Want some for salmon!   -   Laura R.