Cooking Class

Vince & Joe’s Gourmet Market

55178 Van Dyke Ave,

Shelby Township



April 7, 2011

Clients’ comments

  • Great presentation, Learned a lot about EVOO & Sicily wine. Excellent food. Ready to visit Sicily!! -   Karen B.
  • Excellent presentation! I learned a lot when I already thought I knew a “few” things about nutrition, I will be sure to visit the website. -   Nicole R.
  • I may be interested in a home show   -   Lisa B.
  • I thought it was very informative Delicious! Thank you!   -   Kim R
  • Really enjoyed it! Thank you so much, can’t wait to try home new recipes. -   Tracy B.
  • Enjoyed the class very much, learned a lot. Very informative. I can’t wait to attend another class & go on the website for the recipes. -   Yvonne R.
  • Very very delicious!! Thank you for a very informative evening – you are a wonderful speaker. -   Christine A.
  • The food was amazing!! I definitely learned the benefits of using olive oil and the correct type to look for. -   Jennifer K.
  • Liked hearing about what product of Italy meant compare to imported. -   Terry A.
  • Excellent choice of food menu. – Very nice presentation. – Great information about wine, oil & Sicily!  -   Jan K.
  • Enjoyable presentation. Always interested in new recipes. -   Lucia L.