Cooking Class

Blue Bay Fish & Seafood Market

12345 Mack, GPW 313-424-3474

March, 22, 2012

Clients Comments

  • Change nothing – just come back with more recipes. -   Jean R.
  • Enjoyed it --- your love of food (Italian) came thru! -   Patricia B.
  • Fabuloso todo   -   Priscilia R.
  • Delightful evening & I learned a lot! -   Winifred M.
  • Thanks for a great evening! -   Ginny K.
  • Absolutely   -   Victoria B.
  • I loved the entire evening. I especially liked learning about the various olive oils. Being of Greek background, I love and follow the Mediterranean Diet. My favourite recipe was the “Sarago al forno” simple and delicious! Can’t wait for another class & to try your recipes. Thank you! -   Toni M.
  • Fantastic! Amore mio Italiano! Enjoyed so much you are a dear woman. You need no improvements!   -   Katie L.
  • Interested in cooking class in Sicily! -   Alane M.
  • Josephine Grazie Tanto! You are beautiful, thank you for a wonderful evening of the Sicilian Culture. All you needed was un po di musica! (a little music)   -   Gina S.
  • Great Time. Very entertaining, and informative. I would be happy to be an assistant, maybe guest helper.  -   Paul W.
  • Amazing class you are so fun! Personality plus!! Please come back! Would love to come to Italy!!!  -   Sandra S.
  • I am very grateful that the timing of my visit from Minnesota to Detroit allowed me to come with Toni M. I have always been intimidated by cooking/preparing fish. Your class was wonderful, and I am confident I will find success. I love your personality, and I hope to return to Detroit for your next class, or far you to come to the Minneapolis, MN are & hold class. -   Lorinda K.