Cooking Class

J. Baldwin’s

16981 18 Mile Rd

Clinton Twp

586 - 416-3500

May 14 & 15, 2012

Clients Comments

May 14, 2012

  • Very entertaining. Loved the extra colorcommentary. Thanks   -   Gary C.
  • Great experience! What a novel idea for an evening out. Thanks   -   David and Lynne
  • Loved everything   -   Mary Ann K.
  • One of the best classes so far. Much new information/education   -   Mary Ann M
  • Loved explanation of wines & the oil tasting – how to tell if a good olive oil. Loved those potatoes   -   Kathy K.
  • Absolutely amazing. I am so not a cook & I could do this.  -   Sheila K.
  • Everything was wonderful! Simple, elegant – Can’t wait to impress my friends -))   -   Kathy W.
  • Wonderful! Terrific! Everything was tasty and delicious. What a great experience.   -   Vi & Ross Q.

May 15, 2012

  • When I come to Sicily I am looking you up! Great!! Very informative can’t wait to bring fiends back   -   Gail V.
  • Absolutely wonderful!! Might be fun to invite a couple of volunteers to do something! Thanks!   -   Dave V.
  • Loved the facts about wine & EVOO   -   Lisa S.
  • It was wonderful & fun. Very informative I enjoyed it. -   Dawna S.
  • The recipes were fabulous! Enjoyed the evening very much! Looking forward to receiving the recipes   -   Cindy G.
  • Fabulous job! Potatoes were wonderful, thank for sharing the health benefits of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil   -   Melinda F.
  • That was fantastic (Prima!) Thank you very much!  -   Rob W.
  • Excellent!! -)   -   Krista R.
  • Delicious ! -   Rochelle H.
  • Have an intermediate class.
  • Great time & food!!! Everything was great I wouldn’t change a thing!
  • Thank you for a great time   -   Salvatore S.
  • Wonderful! Thanks for the great ideas   -   Leah K.
  • Loved all the food. White cake the best   -   Julie B.
  • You need your own cooking show! Please come back or we’ll come & find you -)   -   Janice D.
  • Wonderful! Fast & easy (like the girls I came with). -   Christie E.